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Tranquility: Official Review

      Tranquilityas stated on the front cover, is ‘A prayer and reflection Coloring journal’. Beautifully written with well-drawn images, this book allows for a great time of relaxation with just you and your heavenly Father! I often find myself doodling away, or journaling inside the pages of Tranquility.  I find it quite relaxing to do so while listening to K-love radio or any other worship music I have available. It makes for quite the calming atmosphere.

I rate this workbook 4.5 out of 5 stars. While the book induces a heavenly atmosphere, I find the journaling aspect is not as great as it could be. While there are many pleasant scriptures accompanied by short messages or prayers, I feel the book would have a much greater impact if the lines for journaling had prompts. It would give us something more to think about.

Overall, I believe this book makes for an excellent companion, especially in times of great stress. I would like to thank Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with the material. You could easily apply for their review program here. Thank you for reading beauties. Have a blessed day!




18 | Witness (Rev. 11) | Evangelist | Bible Institute Student | Church Leader | Special Education Teacher

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