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Seven Mile Miracle: The Book That Changed My Life

Seven Mile Miracle by Steven Furtick is a very well written book speaking of Jesus last words. It speaks of Jesus words to his disciples, his family, and the thieves of the crosses at his side. I decided to review this book in hopes of discovering it to be an easy read for the Easter holiday. What I found instead was an in-depth study that left my life changed forever.

With a rough past and many issues due to this, I often find myself lacking trust and basic human interaction. The issues discussed in Seven Mile Miracle have greatly impacted my life for the better. Steven Furtick has taught me to forgive, how to love when it seems as if love is non-existent, and many more valuable life lessons.

I rate this read 5 out of 5 stars! Both intriguing and impacting, I often find many of Mr. Furtick’s works quite powerful. Using this one to explain the concept of forgiveness to my grandmother, it impacted multiple lives of people around me. I feel it is a great book, being able to apply to life more so than many others I have read.

I would like to thank Blogging for Books for providing me with this amazing read! You are cherished by your reviewers.

Thank you all. Have a blessed day!



18 | Witness (Rev. 11) | Evangelist | Bible Institute Student | Church Leader | Special Education Teacher

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